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that show [May. 19th, 2004|10:10 pm]
Cal has now officially joined yeastxfactor.
Be ready for the line up switch coming end of june.
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The Guns Of Sebastian The Crab [May. 18th, 2004|10:50 am]
[Current Mood |Hurting]
[Current Music |sportswear]

Ben and Adams new edition to pxtowns shiznit. Adam
With the guarvery of foredirelifesake and the wierd vocals of havok... totally messed up.
Anyway moshxclub made an appearance and fucked up the place with dives, high fives and destruction..
Towards the end of the set, jon bust his leg, but carried on..
This was Jack's demise as jon stumbled while doing a spin kick; his foot clashing with jack's face. Jack took abbrasions to the lip and a severed frendular.. Thus he has a gaping hole between his gums and lip. Still moshed it up despite this. Pictures WILL follow .
Jon fell down the stairs after the show while still in pain, breaking his ankle. In the words of Hop "Karma."
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Been Fucking Long Enough. [May. 7th, 2004|10:50 am]
[Current Mood |Arsed.]
[Current Music |Say Goodbye]

Due to us being half arsed wankers, this would take alot of backtracking to all the shows; so here is just the youth in need show.
Team XTrip down there was awesome, Hop got all defensive when we passed Highbury and waved his Spurs scarf for all to see..
John got himself an awesome tattoo, sadly it was only temporary. (NB last week he got himself the real-deal a big X with "till death" underneath)
Show was amazing, everyone went off to on the attack's Ten yard fight- first and ten. Some freaky stuff from Molotov Cocks that sounded like something off the league of gentlemen.
Turnxyourback did a fucked up cover of minor threat, so ended with the ol' favourite true till death.
The rest of the bands that stood out in the day were break it up and on thin ice.

50 On Red also never cease to amaze; getting better every show. stoppatrick from Stab Crew was hanging from the ceiling; need more be said...
On the journey home we met an awesome drunk dude who taught us how the mosh was done back in the 80s. The dude.
He then found his wife who had been rummaging around in the toilet.
Spookyxben recognised these two and realised; they were his long-lost parents! What are the chances. We got a nice family photo.
The dude, his dudette and that other idiot.
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Hometown Alldayer [Mar. 16th, 2004|12:51 pm]
[Current Mood |optimisticoptimistic]
[Current Music |No Justice]

This was the first gig in ages where all the p'town kids have been there, so it had already started as something cool; but as the day progressed, we were all feeling something of significance.
LastxChance played their second to last show, despite having a major lack in equipment as it was all second hand shit; though it didnt really matter as everyone was singing along anyway.
thom was moshing it up 110% and we can tell by his puffed up cheeks it was taking its toll...
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London 7th March [Mar. 9th, 2004|10:35 am]
[Current Mood |anxiousanxious]
[Current Music |One Up]

It was moshxclubs first official visit to london, and boy was it amazing stuff, every band played like it was their last show..
Fifty On Red are getting better everytime we see them, and kids are learning the words!
On Thin Ice made a good impression on us all, none of us can wait to see them on saturday. The demo has a shark eating some guy, fucking crazy.
And more talk on this time around, stet always looks so aggrevated, amazing.
All these bands playing next saturday in p'town and more

We were all full of energy after the show, on the way home we came across a model, he loved having his picture taken and shouted cheeeeese at the top of his voice, which startled everyone in the carriage.
the dude

Which about sums it up for this adventure, we'll all be going down to london again fo'sure.
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Market Harboro show Ptown Youth Verses The Police [Feb. 7th, 2004|12:54 am]
An amazing show; 50 on red started shit off; ripping out insted and floorpunch covers; awesome, definitely something to look out for.
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An amazing show; 50 on red started shit off; ripping out insted and floorpunch covers; awesome, definitely something to look out for.
<img src=" http://groups.msn.com/_Secure/0RQAJA7ATBJRBA5e*Syp*OZeaeJZ!zuT3YblMm*gIPESEYAzGYCh3eRgWCdS8tNuDIHlU8TFIDSFS4tHDhwnEEMYhuuNp5yegUh6KmeFJd20/HPIM0674.JPG?dc=4675459922350165592" alt"50onred"/>
TurnYourBack- as usual our home town bros pulled another wicked show off with a very catchy new number and a couple of covers, falling to the crews bekon of yet another rendition of 'True till Death' this shit has gotta end soon.
<img src="http://groups.msn.com/_Secure/0RQDWArATqpPhiijXUIYp9IsdvcOuml4dEg72g1rFM4T6X2k668d1h5s1yjFw9AxDdYKnv4lXlvg8PIPRoiiByyyEYl7DVjZmMyR46!Xhdv4/HPIM0717.JPG?dc=4675459928201613129" alt="TTD" />

Though out of everyone that played Aimforthehead stole the show, being pretty much hometown for them, so many local kids got their mosh on, it was mostly of the pushy-pushy kind, so pag and jack decided to do a pile-on, crushing the kids; but looking good all the time; everyone joined in; it stacked it to the ceiling. Though they didnt end their awful tirade of mosh, everyone joined in a wall of death; destroying their remains against the wall. Of course, no war is that without injuries; jack sustained damage to his shorts (for the second time in a row, now running low on pairs); this was due to him jumping off johns' back into the crowd; like a unfortunate moses he parted the crowd landing straight onto his arse.

Awoken as usual tore it up and made no complaints about the fucked mike which kept cutting out; what nice guys.
After the show we all went to get pizza with the awoken guys; we mapped out the whole of market harborough searching for pete and co...

The real tale though began on the embark home. There was six of us in one Fiesta plus 2 amps, 2 guitars and drum shit. The first five entered the car, sitting in the standard position; the sixth (jack) laid across the laps of the back three passengers and with that, we set off.
The first five minutes everything was going fine, the car wa a little slow under approximately <b>70 stone</b>, but we were struggling on. The next thing we knew, there was the blue lights flashing and we'd been pulled over by the leicester police department. Cunningly, we sprang into action, or froze as the case maybe. As our driver was taken into the police vehicle; one of the police officers sat in the drivers seat.
As he was asking our business in leicester and checking the drivers details, jack was slowly being covered an assortment of belongings. Fortunately the policeman was oblivious to this, even though jack's knee was sticking out. Our driver was freed and we quickly were on our way. Too quickly infact as pulling away from the police vehicle we ran a red light (it must have been five minutes until the shock and amazement set in that we had escaped. We all burst into laughter, and sang along to bro hymn all the way home.
<marquee>The motherfucking end.</marquee>
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Leeds alldayer and post-gig church mission [Feb. 2nd, 2004|11:40 am]
Travelling down seperately, john, ryan, cal and kt packed in the mini and jason, jack and thom on a coach. The coachxkids having to get up at 8; sleeping most of the journey, stopping at v1 cafe in notts which gave them gassy stomachs for the rest of the day.. Four hours on the coach and two hours for the car crew who arrived at half seven, severly upset that AFTH didnt turn up.
Break It Up were awesome, it was too bad they had no demos. And as usual shit hit the fan for the legacy; john managed an awesome backflip accompanied by a helping hand by cal. Jack did a jump off cal's back into nothing, like moses parting the sea; everyone moved out the way. John and jack accomplished a two-man roll, like the boulder in Indiana Jones, people flying outta the way.
The mission afterwards involved us clambering up a ladder into a church, following in acts of exploration and a candle-lit church mosh. John showing off his backflip, Jack jumping off the roof of a pulpit.
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SNOW DAY [Jan. 28th, 2004|08:01 pm]
[Current Mood |Hoping for more snow.]
[Current Music |blacklisted]

Amazing day, everyone goes to college; the bus takes hours getting to its desired location. By this time, we cant be bothered with it, catch a bus back to boro and meet up with the rest of the gang. The snow by this time is at its peak, its not too cold as the suns shining; we all decide to go down to the valley and have a snow battle; which ended up with Cal, Ewan and Jacks team winning. But much like edge of quarrel, we joined forces against a bunch of kids looking for trouble, it was true hardcore unity.

Mid afternoon, it got below freezing and we were getting soaked through, so started trekking it to daves house. Still had some fun on the way back, finding odds and ends strewn on the path.
Jack climbed into a tomb; scaring the living daylights out of passing pedestrians; some people will do anything for attention, For the observant, the sock on jacks hand was the only thing keeping the frostbite away.
Ended up back at daves, tired and hungry. Watched 'Friday' and the indecision dvd.
Ryan ended up soiling himself with chips and ketchup, mainly down to dom who was avenging his stolen half-eaten sandwich. (pics of the disaster on mosHXClub squadron ).
Ryan, now being in a mischievious mood tried to humiliate jack, instead he got a shiner and a bruise on the side of his face. cutie
This does not show the real extent of irreversible damage done to the poor lad.
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the break in and escape out [Jan. 27th, 2004|01:56 pm]
[Current Mood |Enlightened]
[Current Music |Horror Show]

Today we went for a mission back to the ol' factory. We go there once or twice a week because its a massive complex with loads of cool little things.Though today everything was different, we had intruders.
Firstly there were kids down there rolling joints! the tards got sprayed in the face with an extinguisher for lighting up in OUR factory; drug free youth (excluding asbestos)
Then just when we thought it was safe and we were alone, we hear voices. Jack scouted ahead and saw some security looking for us! The only thing between them and us was an unlocked door.
We ran out with andrenaline pumping and they followed, we bluffed em by going through some long back-entrances; fools.
A fitting description was they looked like Laurel and Hardy.
under scrutiny security

Thinking Time
This was the little conversation we overheard:
Security Guard A: What do you think it was, pidgeons?
Security Guard B: "I dont think pidgeons can smash windows or close doors can they..."
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Meeting #2 [Jan. 26th, 2004|12:29 pm]
[Current Mood |Out Of Order]
[Current Music |Frostbite]

Earlier John bought a hand axe for no apparent reason, we got a video of him demolishing a childs rocking horse (childhood problems...) that should be up soon enough.
We trekked down to safeway, plugged in the speakers to the coke machine socket and moshed it up. Created two new moves; a improved suplex, and a springboard variation, amazing stuff.

We did some kicks off the coke machine, then we had a tag team wrestle; but as usual it ended in an all-for-all brawl
Jack and john came off with battle scars, soundly beaten by the brothers: Cal and Ryan.

For more pictures of this endless fun and more, check out

moshxclub squadron
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